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Please read below about how our Multi-faceted Home Show advertising package combined with a persuasive design helps ensure that the most motivated and qualified homeowners attend our home shows to select the businesses to help them with their upcoming projects. With a heightened focus on only a few key home shows in the best markets for thorough coverage of the most active and desired areas of Chicagoland, we plan and expect to produce greater results for our exhibitors than any other advertising available.

We are pleased to provide you an overview of our home show advertising plans that have produced huge crowds for several years in a row.  We will continue to extend our constent track record of the strongest group of home shows that can be found in the Chicago area to provide our exhibitors the best of the best for their investment.   For an idea of the high caliber approach we utilize to attract quality buyers to our events, please review the examples of our approach at previous shows below.   Our program will include these ad venues and more for the most complete and well rounded ad plan that you can find anywhere in the Chicago area.


Professionally produced commercials on all 5 of the the Major Networks of NBC, WLS, WGN, CBS & FOX as well as Cable Networks of HGTV, TLC, FOOD TV and others.  These commercials are specifically placed in programs that our target attendee is watching such as news, variety and key themed programming.  When you combine the strength of our television campaign with our massive radio, print and direct mail campaigns, it’s very easy to see just how valuable our Home Shows are to your marketing campaign to produce new customers for your business.


The approach we take when setting up our radio advertising campaign is simple, yet effective: Pick the best stations, run your ads at the best times and run them with high frequency. We focus on drive-time and day-part commercials to ensure the highest listenership when our ads run. This approach is definitely much more expensive than purchasing all “Rotator” ads that the stations will run in time slots they didn’t sell, but when you’re looking for the best results, it’s worth it. Also, we run professionally produced commercials with varying content. Of course, there are the standard “reads” that outline the event details, but we also mix in engaging, memorable commercials that people really talk about.


Our newspaper advertising component includes large, FULL COLOR display ads through both major and well-read local publications. The frequency is solid and the fact that many years ago we made Full Color ads our standard format shows our dedication to the success of our events for our exhibitors. Overall, the design and implementation of our print media promises an eye-catching, high impact result that has proven its ability to attract thousands of homeowners that are perfect for your business.


Definitely NOT to be overlooked, our home show direct mail campaign is, by far, the most impressive that this market has seen. For every show, we will mail out a minimum of tens of thousands of glossy, full color, postcard invitations to EVERY homeowner for many miles around each facility to ensure that the most likely attendees are completely aware of the event. In some cases, we mail a second round to select communities as well to reach the homeowners right where they live, providing the best in saturation coverage of our show market areas.

If you are interested in showcasing your business’ quality products and services at our home shows, please contact us or click below for floorplans and booth pricing. We look forward to helping you get the maximum return for your promotional dollars. Also, if you are interested in including your company information in any of our advertising to maximize branding and drive more people to see you at our events, please contact us today as space is very limited for these options. Please feel free to CLICK HERE or contact us at 630-953-2500 today!

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